3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob

BOURBONNAIS, IL – One of the most recent renovations coming out of the Ford research and development arena is the 3-D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob. Created by an inventive Ford engineer, Zach Nelson, the vibrating shifter is an easier way to learn how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

There is much debate on whether automatic is better than manual transmission vehicles but everyone has their own opinion on the matter. Most new drivers learn how to drive with automatic transmission vehicles and never really learn anything about the world of manual vehicles. That is where the 3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob will come into play. The knob will vibrate when it is ready to change gears allowing for the driver to be able to keep all eyes on the road until it becomes second nature for them on when to switch gears. “The vibrating knob can be installed onto the stock shift lever, and I’ve tested it on several vehicles including Mustang and Focus ST,” Nelson said. “I decided to have a little fun with it and installed an LED display on top that shows the gear position.” The other neat thing about the shift knob is that Nelson used the inner parts of an Xbox 360 controller to make it.

The 3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob is not yet available to consumers but should be expected to be available for purchase in the near future.  If you are looking for a manual transmission vehicle on your next vehicle make sure to check out your local Kankakee Area Ford dealer and our friendly staff can go over the details with you. We currently have manual transmission vehicles on the lot, so stop in to check out our New Ford vehicles or our Pre-Owned lot to see if your next car is here!

Court Street Ford, located at 558 William Latham Drive, is a multi-year president’s award winning dealership. We are committed to exceptional customer service! Stop by or give us a call at (815) 939-9600, our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help!

Visit our Website: Court Street Ford


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