New security system to help Police officers

police safety

BOURBONNAIS, IL – Ford has developed a new safety device to help protect police officers while in their squad cars. The new security system to help police officers automatically sounds a chime, locks the doors and puts up the windows if it detects someone approaching the car from behind. The system — which Ford is patenting — is the first of its kind.

Police officers are often targeted while in their squad cars because they are believed to be more vulnerable. They are often approached from behind the vehicle which makes it difficult for the police officers to determine if it is a threat or not. The new security system to help police officers will ensure that they are not taken by surprise.

The new safety feature is called “surveillance mode” and can be purchased as a stand-alone option or can be purchased with other options at a lesser cost. It can be turned on and off as the police officer feels the need. This will help in cases where there is heavy pedestrian traffic. Currently, it is only available to Police departments but if it does prove to be effective will later be introduced to consumers.  2014-Ford-Police-Interceptor-Sedan-Rear-Driving-1024x680

If you are interested in learning about all of the safety features available for your next vehicle, make sure to visit your local Bradley Ford dealership today! Our sales team is ready to answer any questions that you may have.

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