Surging demand for the new Ford Fusion

flat rock assembly plant

BOURBONNAIS, IL – Working on an assembly line can be hard work. Developed in 1913 for the Ford model T, the assembly line, had an immense influence on the world and even today is still evolving. Ford Motor Company has developed a way to train employees in a simulated factory before going “live”. Ford is using this system at the Flat Rock Assembly plant located in Flat Rock, Michigan. Workers are being trained to meet the surging demand for the new Ford Fusion, which currently is being built only at Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico.

“The simulated factory provides workers with a much smoother transition to the assembly line, and the net benefit to the company is improved quality,” said Aris Janitens, manager, launch planning and workforce readiness, Ford Motor Company. “This best-in-class training process – initially developed at Louisville Assembly Plant – has been so successful, it is now considered our global standard and company-wide best practice, and will be rolled out to other plants worldwide.” Flat Rock is the second plant in the world to institute this training process.


While working on an assembly line each person has a set time that they have to complete their assigned task. Typically, a new employee is given classroom training and then introduced to the assembly line. By putting them into a simulated factory it allows for them to understand timing and get a first hand perspective. It also helps in case they decide that the job is not a great fit for them. “We have found employees truly appreciate a realistic job preview. Some workers have realized through the training that they are not interested in working on an assembly line after all,” said Anna Gedman, human resources manager, Flat Rock Assembly Plant. “We want the most committed and capable workers helping to produce our vehicles, so learning this within the first week of training rather than three months down the road is beneficial for everyone involved.”

Surging demand for the new Ford Fusion has resulted in increased sales (of 161,146,vehicles) up 18 percent in the first half of 2013, turning at under 20 days in hot markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami (this compared with an industry average of approximately 60 days). High-end Fusion Titanium models are turning even faster in these key markets – under 15 days.

The Ford Fusion, a mid-sized car, which began production in August 2005. The first generation ranged from years 2006 to 2012. For the 2013 production year Ford changed the body style as seen here in the picture to a more “sleeker” look.

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