2015 Ford F-150 Ride and Drive – The best F-150 ever!


BOURBONNAIS, IL – The 2015 F-150 has earned its Built Ford Tough® validation in labs, on test tracks and in locations where weakness cannot hide. On October 6th & 7th our sales, internet and management team had the privilege of attending a training session on the 2015 Ford F150 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. During each break out the team learned about a different aspect of the all new 2015 Ford F-150!

Silver Creek

It’s no secret – the all new F-150 is the most tested F-150 in history. We even wrote a blog about it here!

  • Extensive cross-country towing and load hauling in temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thermal shocks that swing the temperature 250 degrees in less than two minutes.
  • Salt sprays and acidified sprays to test for corrosion
  • Engine load test that replicates going up a six percent grade over 500 miles
  • More than 1,000 consecutive extreme engine temperature loops-the equivalent of driving nonstop from Death Valley to the Arctic Circle 350 times
  • Structural fatigue tests that run the engine at full load for more than 17 straight days
  • More than 800 hours of engine testing with up to E20 fuel (20% ethanol) and intentionally degraded oil

Tipping the Scales

The future of tough requires a smarter approach. With a weight reduction of up to 700 lb. from the previous model, the 2015 F-150 proves that a lighter, more efficient truck can outperform and do more than a heavier truck. What does 700 lb. look like? Imagine hauling around the following everywhere you drive.


Built Ford Tough® Materials Lab

All-New High Strength Steel Frame

  • Bigger, Stronger Profile – main frame rails are taller and wider for greater resistance to bending and twisting.
  • Greater Strength, Less Weight – 78% high-strength steel compared to 23% in the previous F-150 for a weight savings of up to 60 lb.
  • Boxed construction for torsional strength – Ford first introduced a fully boxed F-150 frame in 2004.
  • Innovative front crush horns – new 12-corner design is optimized to absorb energy.
  • Tailor rolled blanks – allow for variable-thickness frame rails to enhance strength where it is needed most.
  • Eight crossmembers – up from seven in the previous F-150
  • Through-welded crossmembers – five of the crossmsmbers go through the frame rails and are welded on both sides to create a strong structure
  • E-coating for corrosion protection – increased thickness of this high-performance coating compared to the previous F-150

High-Strength, Military Grade, Aluminum Alloy Body and Box

  • Advanced riveting and tough adhesives – from a continuous bond that joins multiple components to act as one strong structure
  • Hydroformed aluminum alloy tubes – from a continuous beam from the A-pillar base, over the doors, to the back of the cab roof.
  • Aluminum alloy box – is dent resistant and rust free, and it has undergone the most destructive box testing of any F-series pickup.
  • Reinforcements within the box walls for attaching accessories such as BoxLink
  • Multiple panels of thick gauge alloy are layered, riveted and bonded together with adhesives for strength and occupant protection
  • Innovative extruded alloy tubes within the rocker panel have specifically designed inner structure for added strength and protection (SuperCrew)

Performance Drive

Trailering Drive

Question and Answer Session

Q: When does the all-new Ford F-150 go on sale?

A: December 2014 or January 2015

Q: What is military-grade aluminum?

A: We are using 6000-Series high-strength, aluminum alloy, the same series the military has used in their vehicles. The new skin is lighter and tighter, rustproof and dent resistant.

Q: Is aluminum weaker than steel?

A: We are using high-strength aluminum alloys in the all newF-150. We upgauged (added thickness) and added structural reinforcements to make it stronger and more dent- and ding-resistant than today’s truck.

Q: Will aluminum rust or corrode over time?

A: The high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy in the all-new F-150 does not produce red rust like steel. We have gone to great lengths to develop coatings that will inhibit corrosion.

Q: Is aluminum harder to repair than steel?

A: Ford has used aluminum in body parts for years, such as in the hood of the 1997-2014 F-150 models. We have designed the all-new F-150 to be easily repairable in the event of an accident.

Q: Will customers need to go to a special repair shop to fix the truck after an accident?

A: Ford dealers and independent repair facilities will be qualified to handle repairs.

Q: Will aluminum cost more to insure and repair?

A: Repair and insurance costs are expected to be competitive with other trucks in the segment.

Q: What is the all-new F-150’s model lineup?

A: There are five F-150 models: XL, XLT, LARIAT, King Ranch and Platinum.

The 2015 Ford F-150 will not be on the dealership lot until late 2014. We are ready to answer any questions you may have on the new aluminum alloy body, exterior features or interior features. If you would like to check out the current Ford F-150 model, stop by your Bourbonnais area Ford dealership! We have a great selection of New Ford Cars, New Ford Trucks, and Pre-owned vehicles for sale – all of which have great technology features! So stop on by and let us help you into a vehicle you’ll love.

Visit our Website: Court Street Ford


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