Chicago Auto Show 2015: Ford Highlights


The Chicago Auto Show kicked off this weekend at McCormick Place, and this year’s show was by no means a disappointment.  McCormick Place is the ideal medium to show off every automobile imaginable, and the customer (above all else) is the one who benefits.  Ample parking and shuttle services are provided, and the train stop inside of McCormick Place itself is also an added benefit.  Taxis and buses were arriving non-stop so getting to and from the show was never a problem.

The second you walk onto the show floor the excitement washes over you.  The entire show has a carnival atmosphere with every company present trying to get you to look at their displays, take their gifts, and ultimately try to get you to purchase their cars.  The feeling is one that is extremely unique and definitive to the car industry: What can we do to make you buy our product with so many others on the market competing for your business20150214_163853?

Walking into the north side of the Auto Show, you are immediately presented with the Ford display.  With their competition literally right next to them, Ford pulled out all the stops to get people to stop at their exhibits and look at their vehicles.  With so many exciting and interesting things going on at the Ford display it is hard to talk about them all but there are certainly several must see vehicles, and exhibits on display.

There was one vehicle that was without a doubt, turning heads and getting a lot of buzz and excitement; that vehicle was the Ford GT.  Something profound and out of place happened as you approached the GT; a crowd in a building of thousands seemingly drew silent  as if they were completely in awe, standing in reverence at the GT’s presence.  From this deep silence you would occasionally hear a “wow” or a “what is that?” Even seeing pictures of the GT beforehand cannot prepare you for the moment you actually see the car in person; it is just something that has to be seen to be believed.  When Ford calls the GT a “super-car” you can certainly see that they are not just using colorful language.  The GT was definitely one of the highlights and most exciting things to see at the Ford display.

Not forgetting about its other popular products, Ford also had an extensive display for the Mustang.  20150214_160932The 2016 Shelby GT-350 was another popular car for Ford, standing in front of all the other Ford Mustangs on display.  While the GT-350 did not get quite the same reaction as the Ford-GT, it was definitely drawing a lot of attention.  The entire Mustang area was pretty extensive, with Mustangs on the show floor in just about any color available.  Many people could not pass up the opportunity to hop into the front seat of a Mustang and get a few pictures.  The Mustang display also featured two Mustang pinball machines which were hits with the younger auto show audience (as well as several of the adults).

The Ford F-150 also had a display that stood out among all of Ford’s other great offerings.  Lined up in an impressive display, were a row of several F-150s that were customized with special paint jobs and decaling; as far as the eye could see were F-150s.  There was also a display showcasing the new F-150’s technology, aluminum body, and eco-boost engine.  A big hit
with the kids at the Ford display also included the F-150 mini “test drive” off road

track area.  There was also a special display for the F-150 touting its status as both the top selling truck in America, and truck of the year.

There were many more interesting things to see in the Ford area.  Hank the Robot was drawing a crowd, and was very entertaining to watch.  There were also many free items and brochures being given away, as well as drawings for special prizes.  Another interesting product to note, was the new Ford Explorer 20150214_162116Police interceptor that was on display.  Ford even had a display of Transits decorated in various company logos and product lines to showcase their commercial vehicles.  On top of all this was also a large display dedicated to Ford’s Hybrid and Electric vehicle lines.  All of Ford’s other vehicles were also available to be viewed.

While these displays were certainly not the only offerings Ford had available, they were certainly some of the most impressive and memorable.  The small amount written here does not in any way do justice to all the new and interesting products Ford is showing off.  But don’t take my word for it. Take a trip to the auto show and be sure to stop by the Ford display and see for yourself!

20150214_162207For more information, or to pre-order tickets visit

The show runs through Sunday February 22nd.20150214_161131

$12 for adults

$6 for seniors ages 62 and older

$6 for children ages 7-12

Free admission for children 6 and younger when they accompany a paying adult (family members only).

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About the Author:
nateNathan Frank is an internet sales consultant and the man behind Court Street Ford news since January 2015.  He has been in the car industry for several years and has an extensive knowledge of Ford products and history.

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