Should I Buy New or Pre-Owned?


Every year at this time the snow begins to thaw, and people begin to emerge from what seems like a long, endless winter.  One of the first things they do with the salt, snow, and slush gone, is look into purchasing a new vehicle.  For many people the car buying experience is unpleasant, frustrating, or just plain confusing.  That is why Court Street Ford is starting a blog series on some of the most frequent questions and concerns we hear from our customers here at Court Street Ford.  Our first issue will deal with a question many people ask themselves whether they are looking for their first vehicle, or looking to replace a current one:  Should I purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle?

For most car buyers trying to decide between a new or pre-owned vehicle, their decision usually hinges on one major deciding factor:  Price.  Without a doubt a pre-owned car is usually going to be a lower price.  Before you set your sights on a pre-owned vehicle to find a great deal, it is important to check to see what your options are on a new vehicle.  While pre-owned cars often carry a lower price tag, they also do not benefit from pricing discounts and incentives you may qualify for on a new car.  Ford and our dealership partner with many businesses and companies to offer discounts to their employees and families.  New cars also benefit from additional rebate and financing options that are not available on a pre-owned car.  Be sure to ask your salesperson about these rebates and incentives.  While a pre-owned car will have a lower listed price, with rebates and incentives a new car may carry a better price then you expected.

Another concern for potential buyers is the vehicles’ condition and history.  A new car carries the benefit of knowing that you are the first owner (other than the dealership) and that the car’s history is all but certain.  This does not mean that you cannot buy a pre-owned car without having some assurance of the car’s quality.  Any reputable dealer will provide a Carfax, AutoCheck, or another vehicle report to let customers know of the history of the vehicle they are interested in.  At Court Street Ford we also encourage our customers to take any of our pre-owned vehicles to a mechanic of their choice to have the vehicle checked out and inspected by a mechanic of their choice whom they trust.  When it comes to a used vehicle, some may no longer under warranty, or hdownloadave limited warranties.  A few notable things to look for are any leaking fluids, check engine light, and tire tread wear. It is important to know if the vehicle you are looking to purchase has any known issues before you drive it off the lot so you know what issues need to be addressed or repaired.

A great car buying option for someone looking to purchase a great pre-owned vehicle is to look downloadfor dealership “demo” cars or service loaner vehicles.  These are vehicles that have been used by the dealership as cars for the staff to get acquainted with vehicles, or loaner cars given to customers having their vehicles repaired.  These vehicles are generally low mileage pre-owned cars in good condition and can be great deals for prospective buyers.  Be sure to ask your salesperson if any of these vehicles are available if you are looking to purchase a pre-owned car.

Ultimately the decision between new and pre-owned comes down to personal choice.  Either way you can get a great deal, and someone should not instantly think a new or pre-owned car is superior in any way to one or the other.  The important thing is to keep your options open.  Most car buyers do not end up purchasing the first car they look at.  Be sure to let your salesperson know the car you are looking for, and let them assist you in finding the car of your dreams!

Next week we will look at the costs of vehicles and how financing works.  Be sure to keep a look out, and remember if you have any questions about the car buying experience feel free to contact us here at Court Street Ford!

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About the Author:
nateNathan Frank is an internet sales consultant and the man behind Court Street Ford news since January 2015.  He has been in the car industry for several years and has an extensive knowledge of Ford products and history.

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