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Since 1997 Hybrid and Electric cars have seen a steady rise in sales in the US.  In recent years Ford has redesigned their Hybrid and electric vehicles to not only make them more appealing aesthetically, but better functioning and practical.  There are however, still many misconceptions about hybrid/electric vehicles, and many people still view these vehicles as either something unobtainable financially, or a novelty car. The goal of this article is to better inform customers on many of the benefits of owning a hybrid/electric car, and dispel many of the long held beliefs about them.

To begin, we will go over the 3 different types of hybrid/electric vehicles that Ford offers.

Ford Fusion and C-Max Hybrid

The Fusion and C-Max Hybrids are the most common hybrid vehicles Ford offers.  They do not require you to plug in to an outlet or charging station; all of the recharging of the battery is done by the car’s engine or by active braking, which transfers the kinetic energy used from braking to your car’s battery.  The hybrids can be used in 3 modes: gas only, electric only, or combination.  The Fusion Hybrid has an EPA estimated range of 567 miles and the C-Max at 540 miles.

Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi

The Energi Hybrids are very similar to the regular hybrids, but they can be plugged into a standard outlet (with adapter) or charging station to recharge the battery.  This allows the Energis to have larger batteries and they can even go (an estimated) 19 miles on electric only power before switching to the vehicles engine.  With a standard charging station they can be recharged in 7.5 hours, or with the optional 240v station, 2.5 hours.  These vehicles have a combined range of aeG50cHgwMTI=_o_2013-ford-fusion-energi-plug-in-hybridround 550 miles.

Focus Electric

The Focus Electric is 100% electric and has no gas powered motors.  The Focus Electric contains a high capacity battery and can ONLY be charged by being plugged in.  The Focus Electric however, has a whooping 76 mile range using only electricity.  On top of this, the Electric can be charged in 4 hours and is the best alternative for someone looking for a gas free lifestyle.

Now that the three basic types of Ford hybrids and electrics have been discussed, now is the time to address many of the concerns and misconceptions customers still have about the vehicles.

  1. “Hybrids and Electrics are built with different parts or use different chassis, technology, etc.”

Every Ford Electric or Hybrid vehicle is built on the same platform as their non hybrid/electric counterparts.  This means you won’t be getting “less” of a car by choosing a hybrid.

  1. “If I run out of electric power I have no way of moving the car and I’ll be stranded.”

In the Fusion and C-max hybrids/Energis if the car runs out of battery power it simplyford-charging-station-1 switches to full gas power mode until it recharges enough to continue.  Ford also provides an app that displays nearby electric charging stations and allows you to plan trips accordingly.  The vehicles are also equipped with sensors to monitor your driving habits and help you adjust driving habits to get the most out of your battery power.  Additional batteries can also be purchased in case of emergency situations.

  1. “A Hybrid doesn’t handle or drive as well as a standard vehicle.”

While it is a fact that a hybrid or electric vehicle is a unique driving experience, they in no way have less pickup than their gas only alternatives.  Some key differences though are that when the car is started, there will be no engine noise, or the gas engines may shut off when the vehicle is stopped at a light.  We strongly urge customers to take a test drive in a hybrid to see that the cars offer the same kind of driving experience with a few subtle differences unique to hybrid or electric vehicles.

  1. “I have to purchase an expensive charging station to plug in my car”

All hybrids and electrics are provided with a 120v charging station as part of the cost for the vehicle.  There is a 240v charging station available, as well as an adapter that will let you plug into any outlet; but these are not required purchases.

  1. “I have to keep watching my car until it is charged”

With a simple phone app, you can check your car’s charging status with the push of a button letting you know how far along it is without having to walk out to the vehicle.  The vehicles themselves are equipped with lights that allow you to see the status of the car’s charging at a glance.  And don’t worry about leaving your car charge overnight, once it is fully charged, the plug will shut down.

  1. “Hybrids or Electrics are just too expensive”

The Fusion Energi starts at $34,800 MSRP and the C-MAX at $31,770.  The Focus Electric starts at $29,170.  Compared to competitive models like the Kia Soul Electric ($33,100), Chevy Volt ($34,170), or Honda Accord Hybrid ($39,780) the Ford options are actually quite affordable.

There are many advantages to owning a Hybrid vehicle and on gas alone you can save up to $750 dollars a year.  By owning a hybrid or electric, you are also eligible for up to $7500 dollars in rebates on your tax return.  The facts are simple; owning a hybrid or electric has never been easier, more practical, or affordable as it has ever been; and it is no longer a novelty vehicle.  With all of the potential savings, what’s still stopping you from coming down and test driving one?  We’ll be more than happy to answer any buyingandfuelingquestions or concerns you may still have.  We are here to assist you!

Court Street Ford, located at 558 William Latham Drive, is a multi-year president’s award winning dealership. We have been serving the Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais area for 30 years and counting! We are committed to exceptional customer service. Stop by or give us a call at (815) 939-9600, our knowledgeable sales team and service department will be happy to help and are dedicated to providing the best experience.



About the Author:
nateNathan Frank is an internet sales consultant and the man behind Court Street Ford news since January 2015.  He has been in the car industry for several years and has an extensive knowledge of Ford products and history.

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