2015 Ford Focus/Fiesta PowerShift Transmission and Upgrades

Focus and Fiesta 15 Powershift copy

The 2015 Ford Focus and Fiesta are two of the most cost effective models in Ford’s current vehicle lineup.  Many customers are concerned that the Fiesta/Focus’ lower price tags translate to lower quality products.  Recently a lot of attention has been placed on the transmission of these vehicles, and accusations of unreliability or cheap manufacturing.  These rumors are far from the truth, and to show their commitment to two of their outstanding models, Ford has upgraded the transmission in the Focus and Fiesta for their 15 model year.

But what are some of the key features of the PowerShift Transmission?  Here is a quick list:

  • Designed as two separate transmissions mounted side by side, one containing gears 1-3-5 and the other 2-4-6
  • Uses a dual dry-clutch design that shifts electronically, takes up less space, (because it doesn’t use a torque converter) and helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.
  • Delivers a more direct mechanical connection to the engine – providing a combination of both automatic and manual transmission technology.

What this means to you (the customer) is that you will benefit from around 10% higher fuel efficiency, reduced weight, and less transmission fuel usage.  On top of this the vehicle shifts more quickly than a traditional automatic, and produces continuous torque to the wheels creating a smoother driving experience.

Some of the other upgrades to the Focus and Fiesta are as follows:

2015 Focus

  • New wider-span gear ratio set for improved efficiency15-fordfocus
  • More refined shift control for smoother upshifts and downshifts
  • Calibration improvements for smoother ride upon light acceleration and when driving at high altitude and/or hot ambient conditions.
  • Improvements to parking efforts through modifications to the park lock system, making it easier to pull out of park, especially when parked on a grade.

2015 Fiesta

  • Changes to the clutch material for better performance across temperature ranges.fie15_pg_005_ext_med
  • Enhancements for smoother shifting upon light acceleration
  • Improvements to parking efforts through modifications to the park lock system, making it easier to pull out of park, especially when parked on a grade.

With this small list of upgrades to both the transmission and other features, it is clear to see that Ford is committed to bringing the same quality and innovation to the Focus and Fiesta as they do the rest of their product line.  If you still have reservations about the Focus or Fiesta, we strongly recommend stopping by and test driving one for yourself to be the judge!

Court Street Ford, located at 558 William Latham Drive, is a multi-year president’s award winning dealership. We have been serving the Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais area for 30 years and counting! We are committed to exceptional customer service. Stop by or give us a call at (815) 939-9600, our knowledgeable sales team and service department will be happy to help and are dedicated to providing the best experience.

About the Author:
nateNathan Frank is an internet sales consultant and the man behind Court Street Ford news since January 2015.  He has been in the car industry for several years and has an extensive knowledge of Ford products and history.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Hunter says:

    Thank you for your article. It is commendable that you have provided more information on the upgrades to the PowerShift than Ford has.

    Hopefully this will fix the issues with the transmission, such that it will operate smoothly and be more durable.

    Unfortunately, those of us who bought ’12-14 Foci (mine’s a ’13) are still stuck with a poorly performing transmission that requires frequent clutch/seal replacement or reprogramming.

    It would be nice if Ford would retrofit the older model transmissions with the improvements you mentioned – it would go a long way the repairing the damage the early PowerShift Transmissions have done to customer relations and loyalty.

    Again, thanks for trying to explain the changes Ford has made – I hope it works.


    Jim Hunter

    1. Thanks for the comment Jim. We certainly believe the new changes are for the better!

  2. Bill says:

    I have a 2010 Focus, great car 4 speed auto. Ford is going back to a traditional auto tranny an 11 speed, which is supposed to be avialable in 2017, keep me updated! Thank You!

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