Keeping You Moving: Ford Mobility is here to Help


The most current census information in the United States indicates that 48.9 million people, nearly 1 in 5, are disabled in some way.  Of that 48.9 million, 24 million have a severe disability and 34.1 million have a functional disability.  The statistics are astonishing, but when throwing numbers and statistics around it is sometimes easy to overlook the fact that each one of those numbers is a living breathing individual.  If you ask anyone, chances are they know someone, be it a friend, family member, or co-worker with a disability.  Ford realizes the need for individuals with disabilities to remain mobile and active In today’s fast paced world.  For this reason Ford offers several customization options in all of their vehicles to accommodate a wide variety of disabilities.

The Transit is one of the most popular vehicles available for modification, offering wheel chair restraints, elevators, and several other options.

Ford mobility is a website dedicated to informing individuals on their options and helping them pick the vehicle that will best accommodate them.  Since every person is different, it is first vital that a customer assesses their needs and decides on a vehicle that will best work for them.  Will you be storing a wheel chair?  Do you need a ramp?  Do you need hand operating gas/brakes?  Whatever is required to give the best driving experience possible can be provided by Ford, or a certified third party vendor.

So how does the whole process work?  Here is a simple breakdown of the process, steps to take, and some questions you need to ask and answer.

  1. Assess your driving needs

Visit your local Driver Assessment Center for an evaluation to ensure that your desired vehicle fits the modifications which are appropriate for your specific needs.  Many hospitals have assessments programs, or can refer you to one.  Ask your doctor or healthcare professional.

  1. Learn your local driving laws

Check with your state’s motor vehicle agency for special requirements on driving with adaptive equipment.

  1. Locate a mobility dealer

Our Mobility Resource Guide can help you find an experienced adaptive equipment dealer.  You will find a link to a list of dealers HERE.

  1. Consider your vehicle options

Ford may have more vehicle options than you think.  Many Fords can be adapted to  meet a variety of needs.

  1. Bank on Ford Credit

Ford Credit offers qualified customers special flexible finance terms on both new vehicles and adaptive equipment purchases.  A link to their page is HERE.

A Ford Fusion equipped with a rack to hold a motorize scooter.

Ford’s list of available modifications includes (but is not limited to)


-Door Openers

-Hand Controls


-Parking Brakes

-Power Assist Seats

-Steering Devices

-Wheelchair restraints

Any specially modified vehicle is eligible for reimbursement up to $1000 and can be used with any additional rebates or special pricing.  Veterans should ask about special pricing as well, and additional benefits from the Veteran’s administration.  No matter your needs, Ford is here to assist you.  For additional information, you can visit Ford’s official mobility website and the websites below.

Ford Mobility Website:

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website:

Court Street Ford, located at 558 William Latham Drive, is a multi-year president’s award winning dealership. We have been serving the Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais area for 30 years and counting! We are committed to exceptional customer service. Stop by or give us a call at (815) 939-9600, our knowledgeable sales team and service department will be happy to help and are dedicated to providing the best experience.

About the Author:
nateNathan Frank is an internet sales consultant and the man behind Court Street Ford news since January 2015.  He has been in the car industry for several years and has an extensive knowledge of Ford products and history.

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