Your Check Engine Light is On

This light is enough to make your stomach drop when it illuminates in the dash, but have no worries stop in to Court Street Ford and we will retrieve the fault code for FREE!

At Court Street Ford we want to provide you with the peace of mind by checking to see what is the cause of that pesky check engine light for no charge. Most newer vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer that monitors critical systems. The check engine light can illuminate from something as simple as a loose gas cap, or as complex as a catalytic converter that is about to fail.

When the check engine light appears an OBD II code, or fault code, is generated.  This code provides details on the issues that your vehicle is experiencing. Upon retrieval of the code, we will discuss the diagnostic options to pinpoint the cause, and get you back on the road quickly.

A solid illuminated check engine light can indicate something that could be easily fixable, but if the check engine light is flashing this could indicate a potentially dangerous system issue. Either way, we would like to take a look as soon as possible to avoid larger problems and potential dangerous situations down the road.


There is no reason to panic, but do not ignore the light. With our complementary code retrieval there is no reason not to stop in and see our factory trained technicians. If you do not feel safe driving the vehicle to the dealership please call our service department at 815.939.9600 if you need assistance in arranging to have your vehicle towed.

-Wes Sproul

Court Street Ford
558 William Latham Dr.
Bourbonnais, IL 60914


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