Siri Eyes Free Update

Recently Ford released V3.8 for MyFord Touch (SYNC Gen 2), and this update includes support for Siri Eyes Free. The vehicles affected by this update are 2011-2015 year models that have MyFord Touch infotainment system on-board.

sync update
Download the update from your SYNC Owner account HERE

The update is a simple, quick process that should take no longer than an hour from downloading the update on your computer to installing it in your vehicle. Below are the steps from start to finish for the V3.8 update.

Step 1: Login to your Ford Owner account and scroll down on your personalized home screen. Near the bottom, on the right-hand side of the screen you will follow the steps to download the update.

Step 2: Have an empty flash drive with at least 2GB of storage (1GB should be sufficient for the update, but Ford recommends going with a 2GB+ drive).

USB Flash Drive

Step 3: Reformat your flash drive to FAT32 (Link below shows steps to perform reformatting).

Reformatting Steps

Step 4: Extract files from compressed folder, and copy and paste the files from within the Gen 3.8 update to your reformatted flash drive.

Files in Flash Drive Folder

Step 5: Eject your flash drive from the computer, startup your vehicle, remove any other USB or SD card devices, and plug the flash drive into your vehicle’s USB port.

Step 6: This process will take approximately 30 minutes, and you will just need to follow along with the on screen instructions.

media hub
Media Hub (USB Ports)

Step 7: If you are having trouble stop into Court Street Ford, and we will perform the update for no charge.

Book an appointment with Court Street Ford using SetMore

Following the update you will need to re-pair the Bluetooth devices that you had connected previously to your vehicle, and the update process will be complete.

Siri Eyes Free will be activated by pressing and holding the voice button for 3 seconds and then releasing the button. The simple Siri voice commands that you are familiar with will be able to be used to send a quick text message, or look up directions on your phone while driving. During the Siri Eyes Free usage the screen on the iPhone remains off, so to not distract the driver. Instead, Siri talks back to the driver using voice commands to communicate with the user in the vehicle. As a result, they are able to keep both their eyes on the road, and their hands on the wheel.

Along with Siri Eyes Free, the update includes improvements to the ease of pairing a Bluetooth device, and reconnecting phones if they become disconnected due to a loss in Bluetooth signal.

If you have any questions about the update or related to your in-vehicle technology we have a SYNC specialist that will go over any concern you may have.

-Wes Sproul

BDC Manager


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