Illinois Flooding – Are your vehicles at risk?

Within the last few months, parts of the state of Illinois have been ravaged by rainstorms and flooding, and because of this weather the Secretary of State has decided to take extreme precaution by implementing what is called the Flood Title Process in areas that were affected (listed at end of post).

A Flood Title means that if a vehicle has been sitting in water that has reached a level high enough to enter into the engine compartment and has been damaged in the process it must be noted on the title. 

So how does this affect all of us in these areas? Well, if you own a vehicle that is registered on the national Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NCIB) database, and it has been damaged by the recent storms then it must be designated with a “Flood” tag in the title.

If it isn’t in the NCIB but was in a designated flood area then it will receive the Flood designation as well. (You can avoid this tag by acquiring a signed and notarized letter that the vehicle did not incur damage).

There are some practices suggested if you are a Car Dealer encountering this situation or located in one of the designated counties.

  1. If you sell a vehicle between now and January 6th, 2017 you must include the signed and notarized statement signed by the dealership stating there wasn’t any damage.
  2. Check to see if vehicles traded in are on the NCIB database. And if they were located in one of the disaster areas they must include the “flood” tag in the title.
  3. Vehicles not on the database that were taken in as a trade must be evaluated to see if they were registered in a disaster area. And if so the proper steps listed above must be taken.
  4. Obtain a natural disaster statement to see if a vehicle was registered in a disaster area if status is in question.

Impacted Counties:

Alexander, Calhoun, Christian, Clinton, Douglas, Jackson, Jersey, Madison, Monroe, Morgan, Randolph, St. Clair, Cass, Cumberland, Iroquois, Lawrence, Marion, Menard, Moultrie, Pike, Richland, Sangamon, Vermilion.

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If you’re interested in the natural disaster disclosure statement or the NICB database, follow the links below.


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