Winter Driving and The Human Element

If you have lived in the midwest at any point during your life, there is one constant you can count on happening around the first snow of the year. For some reason many of us seem to forget how to drive in the same white fluff that we’ve been dealing with for as long as we can remember.

Why does this happen though? You’d think that after years of encountering slippery conditions one would learn to take it easy when the roads get a layer of frost on them. Are we in denial that the cold isn’t here yet? Are we still yearning for those summer months that let drivers cruise the streets with the windows down and the music loud? Honestly, there’s probably not a certain answer to this, but someday, we may not have to worry about this human factor any longer.

The idea of automous cars have been around for quite some time, companies like Google are at the forefront of this industry and others are constantly testing how to take the wheel away from the driver. There are however a lot more factors that go into these exercises than what is seen at surface level.

Ford has been working to understand how autonomous vehicles could and would react to the elements. If someday the hope is that cars will be able to run on autopilot, eliminating humans behind the wheel, then a small rain shower, or flurry of snow can’t throw the whole system off. The world doesn’t shut down in the situations and vehicles driven by humans or not must be able to get us places. Check out this video below to get a peek at some of the processes that go into this.


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