New Mustang? What?

This week we’re taking another look at some more rumors circulating throughout the web. If you remember back to last Friday, we took a peek at the new concept creations some very talented people whipped up of the Bronco. Now it looks as though we could be getting a new version of the Mustang sooner than many expected. The year 2020 is being hinted at and by all accounts this is 2 years sooner that previously scheduled. But hey, I’m not going to complain.

If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself. This document here which was originally posted on shows that Ford is moving up the production date from the originally planned 2022.

So what’s the reason behind this move. Well apparently Mustangs aren’t enjoying the popularity that they had been recently and the new Camaro is making a move to surpass it. Ford is also looking into using aluminum as a major player in building this machine as well.

Who knows, this could all just be a bunch of hot air at this point. But we might as well be optimistic right? There’s no reason to be upset about the possibility of a new mustang and worst case scenario, Ford goes back to the original schedule.


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