Goodyear’s New Tire Concept

When we think about the word “concept” in the automotive world, you’d most likely think about some futuristic car that George Jetson may have in his garage. But what about the parts that make up that car? The concept has to start somewhere right? Goodyear has taken the step of introducing the idea of some new concept tires. These tires completely throw away the idea of what you and I think tires should look and function. No longer do they think that black rubber needs to come in a doughnut form, but instead a complete sphere. Pretty crazy when you think about it. How do the tires attach to the vehicle? How will the sphere shape fit into the wheel wells? It is a concept, but Goodyear has some fun explanations to these questions.

First I’ll start by saying these tires are made for automated vehicles. The idea, is that have 360 degree tires will let these vehicles be able to navigate tight areas in a much easier fashion that before, and would take advantage of mag-lev technology to keep the tires in place. How does that work with the electric engine exactly? Well that’s still a part that’s left to be discussed. However, the fact that these could be a possibility in the future is still pretty amazing.

Check out the video that Goodyear posted showing the concept off right here. If this is the future of the tire industry, we have a lot to look forward to.


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