Lincoln Sets the Luxury Bar High

Wardrobe storage, video intercom system, multiple large television screens, and gull wing doors. Until this last item on that list, you would think someone was referring to their wish list on an episode of Fixer Upper rather than the new Lincoln Navigator concept.

The new vehicle Ford debuted this last weekend at New York’s auto show most definitely made the likes of Cadillac, Lexus and other luxury SUV manufacturers take notice.

Before things get too out of hand though this is just a concept so it’s most likely that a lot of these items won’t make it through to the production line. Although, it would be nice to have 3 step retractable running, boards and a way to keep our shoes and suits available whenever needed, it’s not really practical. However just for the fun of it, some of the other features discussed at the auto show included an intercom for third row passengers, and even linked gameplay between the different passengers (who will each have their own screen).

Either way though, Ford has made the splash needed with this unveil. The Navigator will also feature a 3.5 L V6 Ecoboost engine and approximately 400 HP, and you can most likely count on it including wifi capabilities as well.

This vehicle truly is a work of art, from it’s core yacht inspiration, to the elegant yet empowering body style. I can’t wait to see these out on the road in mass production. Who knows what the price point will start at…


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