ATTN: iPhone Users and Apple Lovers

The time is here and now, Ford has announced the first vehicle in their lineup that will include the much anticipated CarPlay. And that vehicle is the 2017 Escape which will be hitting the market in this coming May.

CarPlay is going to change the game for iPhone users. We’ve all had hands free capability in vehicles through Sync and MyFord touch for a while now, but this new program is specifically designed for iOS users. With the ability to ask Siri to complete specific tasks for you while driving down the road, but the system will also be compatible with all of the buttons and knobs in your vehicle for streamlined use.

For a first edition of this program there are some great features included. Being an Apple product you can count on the basic apps such as the phone, messages music and apple maps, but on top of those you will have access to audio books if you need a little change of pace while driving. My personal favorite would be that podcasts are now an option as well, nothing passes the time better on a long car ride than a couple episodes of Serial or Stuff You Should Know.

CarPlay will even include some non-apple options as well. MLB at bat, Spotify, Pandora, and Slacker Radio will also be available if you subscribe to one of their services.

If you have any other questions about the capabilities of Apple’s new CarPlay here’s the link to check it out yourself!




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