Wanna buy a GT??

So yesterday we put together a little video showing the step by step process of what exactly it takes to purchase the new Ford GT. It’s some what crazy to see what they want to know, but I guess since so few are being produced, Ford wants to make sure it only goes to the most qualified buyers.

So what exactly do they want to know? Well for starters are you a Ford owner? How many do you own? What is the VIN for those vehicles? There’s also a box you can check if you’re already an owner or have owned a GT in the past. I’d be curious to know if that’s a good or bad thing in their eyes, ( I mean obviously good because they know that you can afford and take care of a GT) but is Ford looking to expand and give a chance to those who have not had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these super cars?

There’s also a part of the application that asks you to submit pictures and videos to show that you deserve the the opportunity to own Ford’s pride and joy. I’m hoping they make some of the more impressive one available to watch publicly. If someone has the ability to afford a vehicle in the mid $400,000 range, I bet they could make a pretty sweet video.

Those are just a couple of the quirky things the application process has. Make sure to check out the video below to check it out in entirety! And hey if you end up applying for one and getting it. Feel free to swing by Court Street Ford and take me for a spin!



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