Over 7000 People For 500 GTs

A few weeks back we showed a video demonstrating how exactly to sign up to purchase the 2017 Ford GT. At the end of this application there was a section that included to get a better idea of who it was applying by asking for photos and an application to prove your worth as an owner of the new super car.

What we have for you today is an example of one of these videos. We weren’t sure exactly what Ford would be looking for, but this looks like a pretty good example to follow. Here we have the applicant with his old GT and discussing all of the ways he has used his old model and what he will do with the new one. It also helps that he currently has almost 46,000 followers on his youtube channel allowing Ford to gain free publicity from the use of their vehicle. At this point in time he also has 45,151,000 views on his channel.

So if you’re still interested in applying, take a page out of this guys book. I have a pretty good feeling that he’ll be chosen to receive the new Ford GT. According to Ford though there have been over 7000 applications for the 500 vehicles available, so I guess we’ll see!


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