Root for the ‘Good Guys’

I have to admit that when I first saw that Michael Phelps was competing in the Rio Olympics, I was interested to see what the reaction would be from followers.  Then when I saw that he would be the USA’s flag bearer at the Rio Olympics, as a result of fellow athletes voting for him to have the honor, I wanted to know more about his story.

Phelps has done some incredible things in the swimming pool.  He has won 18 gold medals and 22 medals overall, making him the most decorated Olympian of all time.  So it makes sense that as a result of such success, he would be asked to carry the flag in representation of the USA.  But this success is somewhat overshadowed because of the Olympian’s personal life issues.AP640048239853-1280x960

Phelps has had two DUIs in the midst of his struggle with alcohol.  He speaks in Daily Mail about how he “didn’t want to see another day” when he was struggling with his alcohol abuse.  Phelps has been on and off of alcohol abuse for over ten years.  His first DUI was in 2004.  After his second DUI in September 2014, he said,”before I even went to court, I said to myself that I’m not going to drink until after Rio – if I ever drink again.”  Phelps underwent 45 days of inpatient treatment and enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Olympic star has certainly been involved in some image tarnishing activities, but it seems that, at least for now, he is on the right track.

That’s the scary thing though is it not?  Will Phelps continue living the party lifestyle after Rio?  Will he continue ruining certain aspects of his life and causing stress and anxiety to those who love him?  Or will he live a lifestyle that causes him to end up enjoying this life more?  Everybody loves a story where the good guy wins in the end.  We want to root for people who aren’t cheating, and who are doing things the right way in life, and in the arena of competition.  Parents, mentors, and teachers try and teach their kids how to do things the right way.  As a society, we inherently want to see good triumph over evil.

Phelps will hopefully remain on the right path.  The reason this thought was on my mind going into the Olympics is because competition is everywhere.  Sports arena’s are not the only areas for competition.  In High School you know you remember the time when that girl was the one you and your friend liked.  So you compete for her affections.  In the business world it is very prevalent as well.  So who does the girl choose?  With whom do the consumers choose to do business?  Who usually wins the Olympics?

The answer?  Those who do things the right way.  Those who don’t scam, cheat, or lie.  Notice how steroid users tend not to stay ahead for very long.  And look at where Phelps was in his dark times.  Suspended from swimming for 6 months.  The girl chooses the guy she feels she can count on more often than not.  The consumer chooses the business they feel is being the most truthful and has the best quality for the lowest price.  So whether it is rooting for an Olympian or purchasing from a business, we want to support those with a strong morality.

Ford Motor Company has been on the list of Ethisphere Institute’s, World’s Most Ethical Companies for the last 7 consecutive years.  Ford is the only automaker on the list of 131 companies around the globe.  Ethisphere Institute honors companies with top rankings in five categories;  ethics and compliance, corporate citizenship and responsibilities, culture of ethics, governance and leadership and reputation.  This means that if someone is looking to give their business to an automotive industry, but they want to do their best to support the “good guys,” Ford is the company to go with.

Court Street Ford in particular is competing against other dealers to earn the business of people, but they compete in an honest and ethical way.  The consumer doesn’t have to worry about supporting a dealership that is simply trying to get their money.  People can rest assured that when they give their business to Ford, they are giving their support to one of the world’s most ethical companies.




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