Comparing Vehicles

Who doesn’t want a new car?  Challenge yourself to do something; look around the next time you drive.  See how many nice, clean, newer model vehicles you see driving around you.  Then take a note of how many older, unattractive vehicles you see.  It helps us to be more aware of our surroundings.  It gives an insight into what people want.  I tried it the other day and noticed something.  It seemed every car I saw was newer and very well kept.  Which shows that people in general want a newer vehicle that is looking clean.  That’s where most people put value.  A clean and attractive vehicle.

Obviously there is more that needs to be in the thought process than new and clean. There are so many different aspects that need to be analyzed when comparing which vehicle is right for you.  Let’s take a Ford Fusion for example.  There are multiple vehicles that are similar.  A Chevrolet Malibu, a Toyota Camry, Chrysler 200, Hyundai Sonata, and the Nissan Altima, are just a few that are considered similar vehicles.  So how does one go about choosing?  Just go on the internet and type which one is better and you will find multiple answers leaning in hundreds of directions.  Good luck choosing.  Most will offer similar gas mileage, similar MSRP, similar style, and even similar warranty.  For an example, take a look at the photo below that compares the top of the line models for Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota.

Comparison for QL TV

If someone is looking to purchase a newer vehicle, there are a few things they should keep in mind at the beginning of the search.  Visual appeal will play a big factor, but there are some other details that should be investigated as well.  The best way to figure out the ride you want is to drive it.  But who has time to drive 15 cars that are similar to each other?  So here are some things to look at before car buying…

  1.  Look at reviews.  See what people are saying about the vehicle overall.
  2. Find out what equipment you need, want, and could live without
  3. Look at the selling price of the vehicle at multiple dealerships online that have the equipment you are looking for. (most will be very similar for the value)
  4. Look at the warranty left on the vehicle. (If buying used)
  5. Look at the EPA estimated MPG and the fuel tank capacity
  6. Look at the dimensions.  (longer wheel base means a more comfortable ride.  Check Front head room etc.)
  7. Find out how a dealership treats customers. (look for returning customers and online reviews)

Every car will break down at some point.  Every car will have issues.  Find out real tangible examples of how a dealership treated its customers after a sale.  I believe the most important aspect of car buying has to be where someone buys, not what they buy.  Check out the way a salesman reacts when you ask the question “what will you do for me after I buy a car?”  Find out what kind of discounts or promotions they offer their customers.  Find out what they will do if you drive it off the lot and less than a month later it breaks down.  See what they say when you ask about bringing it back when you don’t like it after 2 days.  Buying a car is important.  There is value in owning a beautiful vehicle, but there is more value in being treated the right way and having confidence that you are in good care. That is why at Court Street Ford we proudly offer a 3-Day Money back guarantee that if you find a better deal elsewhere bring the vehicle back within three days.


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