Leading The Way

“It is the task of the leader to anticipate.  It is not sufficient for him to claim that the crowd went the wrong way.  It is his job to find the right way and to lead the crowd” (Drucker 204).

There are certain fads and socially acceptable behaviors that have come and gone.  There are values that have become extinct, and new ones will soon be gone as well.  One thing that will never change is the importance of life.  That is why Ford continues being one of the leading contributors when it comes to safety.  Whether or not it is always the way everyone else is going, Ford has been the one to stand out, and now other companies have been following suit.  But not all can compete with every feature.  The Fusion was compared last week in regards to certain features, here are a few more examples of comparisons in regards to safety.

The Toyota Camry has joined the Fusion in having capabilities of monitoring the area around the car.  However, the Fusion is the only one that offers park assist, all-wheel drive, and a forward and reverse sensing system.

The Honda Accord has a “LaneWatch system,” which is essentially a blind spot sensor, but only on the pedestrian side.  The Fusion has BLIS with cross-traffic alert, which can detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spots on both sides.  The Fusion is also equipped with Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, which can prevent collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians (Pre-Collision Assist sensors can detect a change in traffic conditions within 250 milliseconds (1/4 of a second).

The Nissan Altima offers Active Understeer Control, which sets sharp turns straight.  The Fusion has Torque Vectoring Control, which automatically applies the brake to the inside front wheel, which delivers more torque to the front outside wheel.  The Fusion also offers all-wheel drive, something the Nissan Altima does not offer.

All of these comparisons show why the 2017 Fusion was the Top Safety Pick by IIHS.  The safety features like knee airbags (which Ford was the first to create), stability control, inflatable seat belts (also a Ford first product), and all-wheel drive capabilities, make the Fusion worthy of such an accolade.  So if someone is wondering about the safety of their vehicle, they can rest assured that Ford has been setting the standard for quite some time in that regard.






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