Car Markets

Recently I went on a trip to Riviera Maya Mexico.  I found it interesting that as I watched the road, Chevy after Chevy drove by.  I saw a few dealerships of various automakers, but far and away the leading seller was Chevy.  It made me curious to know what the current car market was like in different parts of the world.

I found that in essentially every area of the USA, the F-150 is the leading seller.  This, however, is not the case in other countries throughout the world.  In fact, the largest car company in the world as far as sales is concerned is Toyota.    Second is Volkswagen, and third is GM.  Ford comes in 6th on the list.  This is intriguing because of Ford’s dominance in America.  I guess I assumed it would be similar across the world.


Currently, the world’s best selling car is a Toyota Corolla.  The number 2 is a Volkswagen Golf, which seems to go hand in hand with their rankings as far as worldwide sales is concerned.  in the 3 spot is the Ford F-Series, and in the 4th spot is the Ford Focus.  These numbers obviously fluctuate from region to region, but overall, it seems that the leading car companies of the past, are continuing into the future.  Toyota has been in existence since around 1936, while Volkswagen began in 1937.  Ford has outlasted both of them, being in existence since 1908.



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